Antler, A WordPress Theme for Artists and Photographers.
Antler is a very minimal and modern customizable art and photography portfolio theme based around the common needs of  artists today who choose to publish their work online. Antler is not only a solid platform for presenting art, it’s also an investment in your hard work..

With Antler:
  • You images are much less likely to be stolen. No dragging to desktop, No right click.
  • Your images won’t end up on WeHeartIt or Tumblr.
  • Show your photos full screen, as big as they get!
  • You can stream photos that already exist from any flickr set saving you time
  • Or you can upload custom photos in tidy arrangeable galleries
  • You may choose to display your uploaded photos as a horizontal strip
  • Or you may display them as a slide show
  • Let the audience choose to view your photos on white or black
  • All the menus can be customized and rearranged effortlessly
  • Even the options at the bottom can be hidden and set to a default for everyone
Other Features Include:
  • Horizontal browsing with the mouse wheel
  • Drag and push browsing like an iPhone
  • Ajaxed pages, so no unnecessary repeat page and image loads
  • Using your own domain name
  • Works reliably on IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari and Chrome (other less popular browsers not tested)

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